All inspections are conducted based on national industry standards. Confidential recommendations and evaluations are based on installation methods and standards outlined in the Tile Council of North America (TNCA) Handbook.  When necessary, we use North America's leading testing facility, the TCNA Product Performance Testing Laboratory, to conduct necessary ANSI and ASTM tests.

Our field representation and quality control monitoring services can help ensure that the proper standards and methods are being used on a project, keeping schedules and budgets on track, as well as providing confidence an installation is both beautiful and lasting. 

Our on-site investigations provide an unbiased analysis of the situation written in a confidential report with photographic documentation, when required.

 Precon Quality Control

 Forensic Deconstruction

Tile Experts

 Installation Oversight

Our ability to analyze facts involved an installation failure and our in-depth knowledge of national standards provides us the adept ability to represent both plaintiffs and defendants as a consultant and/or expert witness under oath at deposition, arbitration and in court testimony.  


 Expert Testimony

Our preconstruction consultation services can identify systems and details that need attention.  Solutions include appropriate materials, methods and labor specifications which can help save time and money later in construction, especially with technically challenging projects. 

Our investigations include the ability to properly deconstruct installations to determine the cause of a failure when it isn't observable from the surface. This in-depth examination can determine if the proper methods, standards and materials were used on a project.


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